GIF Builder Builder is a program for batch converting of image sequences or video files to animated GIF images; it allows you to save converting tasks for future using. It provides configurable parameters for the final result, such as frame scale, framerate, frame range, and others. For work FFmpeg have to be installed (Download a build).

Supported formats:
Images: png, jpg, tif, bmp, tga;
Videos: mp4, avi, mov.


Video demo

Quick start guide


Update No. 3 of Jan 18 2023

Features have been added:

  • tasks can be added by Drag'n'Drop, just drop images, videos, folders with images on main window
  • saving/opening of recent projects
  • a project file can be opened by dropping it on main window
  • function of saving filter setting as default

Update No. 2 of Sep 10 2022

Fixed bug when the program captures files which were not selected

Features have been added

  • automatic search for FFmpeg executable files
  • storage of information about source images in project files is optimized
  • button to select a webpage link to download FFmpeg builds
  • feedback button

Update No. 1 of Jun 22 2022

  • Added a section to the context menu with functions: activation and deactivation of all tasks
  • Fixed the delay between tasks during converting