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Greetings everyone! My name is Ivan, and I’m a computer graphics artist working to redefine the line between art and technology. I translate ideas into graphic content (images, videos, 3D models, etc.). I see each project through each step of the entire production cycle - from script to finished product.

Main activities


Script writing


Visual design














Compositing and Post-production

Possible applications


Video games






Graphic content is the future

A picture is worth a thousand words

90% of the information we receive each day is visual. The human brain processes graphic or image-based information 60,000 times faster than text-based information. It only takes an average of 13 milliseconds to grasp the meaning of an image.

The number of people with access to the internet is growing each day. The scope of the internet continues to grow as well - from television and movies to gaming to online shopping, there’s a demand for every market imaginable to make the shift to a digital medium. Even mass media outlets are trending away from traditional print resources in favor of online articles to reach a global audience. Check out the stats below regarding the internet and its audience as of 2019:

The Internet and audience

4.54 billion Internet users. Penetration 59%

User is watching movie

90% users watch online videos

User is watching streamed video

67% users watch video via streaming services

Audience of social media

3.8 billion active users of social media

Internet shopping

In the 2019 year users spent on internet shopping 1.19 trillion USD

Internet spending time

An average user spends time on the internet 6 h. 43 min. per day

Following these trends, the separation between businesses and customers is growing smaller each day. Customers are increasingly exposed to more and more advertisements, promotions and subliminal marketing as their daily lives require more and longer exposure to the internet. In this environment, it’s necessary to provide up-to- date information about new products and services in an accessible and concise format to consistently maintain brand awareness among competitors, attract new audiences and remain top of mind for loyal customers.

With each passing minute, there is more and more information available online. I aim to provide original and unique solutions for implementing media campaigns. Whether it’s a company website, social network page or infographic, I’ll make sure your message stands out among the crowd.

Why use computer graphics

Computer graphics are already an integral part of the world we live in, responsible for bringing characters and entire universes to life in film and video games. It allows for early visualization of large-scale projects long before their implementation. Computer graphics is a continually evolving field that enables projects that may be impractical, dangerous or impossible with traditional means of image capture, i.e. photography and videography, all at a relatively small cost.

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